Established in 1987, Japan Africa is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. We operate throughout Africa

We specialize in coordination, the supply of Japanese coordinators and research for television documentaries, commercials, media, events, conferences and magazines, utilizing our vast experiences and connections throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean islands in both government departments and in the private sector.

We also undertake Japanese to English translations and can supply Japanese interpreters and coordinators for conferences, meetings and other similar activities.

•    Research, creative ideas, suggestions and locations for the television industry.
•    Coordinators and production management for commercials
•    Supply Japanese coordinators for television program production and magazines
•    Obtain filming permits, visas etc.
•    Arrange the hire of studio and camera equipment.
•    Hire local technical crew
(directors, cameramen, soundmen, grips, gophers, makeup artists, stylists, etc. )
•    Arrange casting and auditions of models and actors
•    Book accommodation, vehicles, flights and travel
•    Organise catering
•    Arranger security when necessary.
•    Arrange for helicopters, boats, trains, stadiums, lodges, wildlife reserves, street scenes, etc.
•    Supply Japanese/English translators, interpreters and coordinators

This is Africa, things change constantly, so contact us now for updated information on locations, people, filming permits and everything else you need to know for a successful production.